Sinus Lift and Guided Bone Regeneration Course

£1,100 inc VAT

Sinus lift techniques and bone augmentation procedures 
Learn the lateral window sinus lift technique and when it can be used. Understand which augmentation procedure to use in different situations: PGRF, PRF /Bio-oss/ Bio-Gide.

Saturday 12th October 9-5, Cambridge

Lecturers Wail Girgis
in assoication with Neoss, Geistlich and W & H


Hands on sinus lift practice on a deer head using piezo machines
Video of sinus lift and grafting procedure

To become familiar with the anatomy and adjacent structures associated with the maxillary sinus
To understand the rationale of the sinus lift procedure
To understand the indications for open and closed sinus lift procedures
To understand the use of PGRF/PRF/Bio-oss/ Bio-Gide as an adjunct to grafting procedures and tenting techniques using membranes

To understand the use of radiographs and CBCT in diagnosis and planning
To see the stages in venous blood centrifugation and separation into various Fractions
To practise lateral window preparation
Use of PTFE titanium reinforced membranes





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